After thirteen years’ silence, filmmaker Simon Wood is contacted by his Swedish ex-lover, Lena, with an invitation he can’t refuse: Together they embark on a road-trip to the Kwa-Zulu Natal orphanage where they worked as volunteers, tracing the whereabouts of the Agape Orphanages’ once-famous children, who had toured the world in a whirl-wind of celebrity before vanishing into obscurity. As the children are found one by one, each encounter reveals a tragic story, forming in concert an epic drama of South African injustice. Simon and Lena will uncover a trail of exploitation that stretches across the globe, all the while confronted with their own troubled relationship and their role in Agape’s rise and fall. Defying the pain of their pasts, the different worlds they inhabit, and the dangers posed by love, all these characters nonetheless share a single, desperate desire for family, and for togetherness.
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